Where do you lose track of time?

clockI truly believe that knowing or not knowing what time it is, is a huge indicator and great tool of checking in with ourselves. Am I doing something or spending time with people that fill me up?

If you lose track of time on a first date, for example- this person might be worth pursuing. On the other side- if you know exactly what time it is, and are looking for an excuse for the date to end- end it right there. Not worth pursing. Your intuition already knew you were ready to leave probably before you did.

Same goes for finding work that makes us come alive.

Myself, I can be a very busy person, jumping from task to task to activity often. But when I am graphic designing for companies I believe in- I could be sitting on the floor in a totally uncomfortable position with my legs falling asleep and would not even notice because I am IN it- focused and motivated and excited.

Ask yourself… “What activities or tasks or skills am I using when I totally lose track of time? When 3 hours go by and I’m still doing that thing and want to keep going- totally focused and motivated?” See what comes up or you.


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