Camp Arcadia, a Lutheran, family resort and retreat center located in Northwest Michigan on the shores of Lake Michigan is accepting resumes for the position of food service director. Responsibilities include leading all food service operations and equipping and developing staff. This year-round position is salaried and includes health care benefits for the whole family. That being said, we are willing to consider a seasonal arrangement. If interested please send your resume, a letter of interest, and a sample menu you have prepared for a family audience to Executive Director, Chip May at at chip@camp-arcadia.com. Resumes accepted through January 31, 2019. For more information about Camp Arcadia go to www.camp-arcadia.com.

About Camp Arcadia

Camp Arcadia, located in Northwest Michigan, is a non-profit, Lutheran, family resort and retreat center on the shores of Lake Michigan.  The mission of Camp Arcadia is to provide a setting for Christian families and individuals to vacation with God, and to foster the renewal of the whole person — spirit, mind, and body — amid the beauty of God’s creation and in fellowship with other Christians.

Compensation (Salary or Hourly Wage)

$$40,000 - $55,000