Awesome Job Alert is a community resource dedicated to CONNECTING PEOPLE seeking meaningful, exciting, or impactful jobs in Northern Michigan with EMPLOYERS who are looking for their enthusiasm and energy.

Who are We?

Chelsea Bay Dennis

Chelsea (Chelsea Bay Design / The Conscious Entrepreneur) loves what she does, and wants others to feel the same. She created Awesome Job Alert as a Facebook page in 2014, to be a resource for people in her Northern Michigan community looking for meaningful jobs in the area. Chelsea is a Graphic Designer, speaker, life coach, and mom. She the creator and host of the community storytelling event Fullfillament. She lives in Traverse City with her husband, Aaron, where they own and operate the video production company Stone Hut Studios together.

Nick Dennis

Chelsea’s brother-in-law Nick (Binary Trail) joined the team in 2016, expanding the idea into a website of its own. Nick is a business owner, programmer, designer, and consultant that lives in Traverse City. A former professional poker player, his interests range from technology and entrepreneurship, to music and farming.